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The Third World War is against Coronavirus COVID-19

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By Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA in The Third World War is against Coronavirus COVID-19 *

(7/Jan/2022) Worldwide statistics about COVID-19 do not show that the OMICRON variant is less dangerous than the DELTA variant
(7/Jan/2022) Worldwide statistics about COVID-19 do not show that the OMICRON variant is less dangerous than the DELTA variant

(7/Jan/2022) Worldwide statistics about COVID-19 do not show that the OMICRON variant is less dangerous than the DELTA variant.

The main reason why the world is having fewer daily deaths with the OMICRON variant (6721 daily deaths at 7/Jan/2022) than the DELTA variant (17548 daily deaths at 27) is, probably, due to the fact that most of the World population is already vaccinated, specially the elder, the patients and those with weaker immune systems.

So, please make up your mind, be intelligent and GET VACCINATED.

Meanwhile use always the mask and keep at least two meters away from others in public places.

(23/October/2020) As long as there is no effective vaccine, the only way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is to avoid being infected or to infect others, at all costs.

Remember that if we all avoid contagion, the virus will not spread and may even disappear, because it has stopped multiplying and reproducing due to lack of contagion.

To avoid the silent and invisible contagion of this global pandemic, as we have said since January 2020, all citizens of Planet Earth must:

- In a world pandemic there are no vacations, no unnecessary traveling for anyone! Avoid traveling at all costs, unless it is to go to work, shop or for reasons of force majeure;

- In a worldwide pandemic there are no parties, no family visits, no friends' meetings, no social gatherings for anyone! Avoid contact with other people outside your household or workplace at all costs;

- When you are away from home: always use MASK, GLOVES, HAT, GLASSES (they can be sunglasses);

- When you are away from home: ALWAYS keep a minimum distance of 2 METERS (7 FEET) from any other human being;

- When you are away from home: Avoid touching things that everyone else touches (or use a tissue), disinfect and wash your hands regularly with soap and hot water; ...

Therefore, until an effective vaccine is implemented, we need to protect ourselves individually to avoid being infected or infecting others at home, locality, country and worldwide. Without a vaccine this is the only way we have to fight this silent and invisible World War against the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Read the recommendations in this article very carefully and share them with all your family, friends and acquaintances...



1.1.1 MASKS (you can make them), GLOVES (rubber gloves), HAT, GLASSES

1.1.2 THERMOMETER, normal temperature is less than 37ºC=98.6ºF

1.1.3 TYLENOL – PARACETAMOL for fever or pains

1.1.4 CEPACOL – STREPSILS for throat infection or pain

1.1.5 ALCOHOL with more 80% purity

1.1.6 VITAMIN C (Honey and Lemons to make Hot Tea, Oranges)



1.2.2 IF YOU NEED TO GO SHOPPING OR YOU NEED TO WORK OUTSIDE: Wash your Hands and Face with soap and hot water (+30 seconds) and THEN PUT your MASK, GLOVES, HAT, GLASSES (sunglasses ok) following this sequence When outside do keep ALWAYS a distance of minimum 2 METERS (7 FEET) from any other human Avoid touching in yourself, if you really must itch yourself (use the forearm or use a tissue) Avoid touching in things that everybody does touch (or use a tissue) Avoid being near someone that is coughing or sneezing Whenever possible avoid ALWAYS being near to more than five persons (they all must use masks, if not go away) When travelling try to stay not facing other humans breathing over you, try to be turned to the wall of the train or bus

1.2.3 WHEN YOU COME HOME FROM SHOPPING OR FROM WORKING OUTSIDE: Change your shoes/boots when you go out of your home or when you come home from outside. Leave the shoes/boots that you use outside, at the entrance of your home door. Wash your GLOVES (with your hands still inside) with soap and hot water (+30 seconds) and THEN REMOVE YOUR MASK, HAT, GLASSES and GLOVES following this sequence; THEN AGAIN Wash your Hands and Face with soap and hot water (+30 seconds). Finally, put a few drops of Alcohol in your hands. If, afterwards, you could still have a hot bath, it was a healthy idea.


1.3.1 You MUST contact the Medical Health Services if you have more than one of the following symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or Trouble Breathing, Persistent Pain or Pressure in the Chest, New Confusion or Inability to Arouse, Bluish Lips or Face, Diarrhea, ...

1.3.2 More in how to prevent getting sick...

1.3.3 If you are already sick...

1.3.4 More useful information from the United States Government about COVID-19...

1.3.5 A useful guide about improving mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Nature has decided to punish again the Human Kind, because of the chaotic pollution – global plastic invasion, toxic waste, massive industrialization – and much more that is destroying the Planet Earth ecological balance. So, until an effective vaccine is implemented, we need to protect ourselves individually, at Country and at Global levels, against this new silent World War Coronavirus COVID-19.

TEST! TEST! TEST... was the only objective recommendation coming from the WHO/OMS - April 9, 2020

How is it possible that on January 30, 2020 we did made an article saying that the World Health Organization (WHO/OMS) should recommend to the countries: (1) the canceling of the flights from China; (2) to generalize the use of masks and gloves to the countries and then we ALSO have said (3) that if the WHO/OMS did not do the two above things, there will be not enough medical personnel, medicines and supplies to take care of all the infected people on planet Earth.

The WHO/OMS even went to China to learn how the Chinese were fighting the Coronavirus COVID-19... but no proactive lessons came out of it, how is this possible?...

Why it took almost two month for the WHO/OMS to declare the Coronavirus COVID-19 a Global Pandemic and start recommending, to the countries, to avoid flights to/from China and other infected countries?

Why the WHO/OMS did not suggest to the Countries to reduce/cancel flights from China and other infected Countries in the beginning of February 2020? Why the WHO/OMS did even criticize the USA and other countries for their decision of canceling flights from China and countries infected with coronavirus?

Why the WHO/OMS, after going to China and see that everybody was using masks and gloves, they did not recommend the same to the entire World? But, instead they made campaigns and videos against the masks, recommending the countries to do not generalize their use; especially knowing that is common sense that the use of a MASK is the most effective way to stop spreading respiratory diseases. China and ALL Asian countries do use masks during similar situations...

Why after going to China the WHO/OMS did not recommend the countries to start purchasing and producing millions of masks, gloves, protective equipment, ventilators, medicines, ... issuing a global warning saying that these materials would be critical and needed in a very large scale?

Why until now, the WHO/OMS did not recommend a COVID-19 Country Methodology with logical flowcharts (decision making diagrams) to help the countries decision makers to take the proper decisions? Is it because the WHO/OMS does not even know what are we talking about? They just said: TEST... TEST... TEST... but Test what? Test how? Test... and then what?... What to do next?...

Since December 2019 until today, there is a shameful incompetence and a unacceptable arrogance of the WHO/OMS management in NOT being able to help the World to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic... it looks like they forgot that THERE IS NO ECONOMY WITHOUT PEOPLE!

COVID-19 forecasts for April 2020 - April 6, 2020

Statistics show that Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal reached the peak of the curve today 5-April-2020 and that the death toll will start to fall during this week...

The United States of America (USA), this week will have many deaths because they have many patients in ICU, in a very serious condition, and yesterday the beds with ventilators were ended... They will, probably, receive new ventilators only within 7 to 10 days... it will be dramatic, the next days of this week...

Fortunately, I believe the USA will reach the peak of the curve next weekend April 12, 2020...


From April 15, 2020, as soon as the spring sun arrives, it will improve even more.

However, there are already some effective drugs like the chloroquines ... plasma with antibodies from cured people... and other good drugs are already in real tests...

And some vaccines have also started to be tested...

In other words, finally, you can already see some light at the end of the tunnel.

By the way, take the time to learn how to make homemade masks with Dr. Jerome Adams, a member of the USA Coronavirus Task Force of the United States government, headed by the Vice President Mike Pence and which includes brilliant American scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Debora Birx...

Video from Dr. Jerome Adams, a member of the USA Coronavirus Task Force of the United States government

The World Health Organization (WHO/OMS) is responsible for the COVID-19 Pandemic catastrophe - April 4, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO/OMS) is largely to blame for the catastrophe that the West came to in making videos and campaigns to discourage the use of masks from the beginning... and only on April 2, 2020 they did admit that after all, masks can even be useful to reduce the coronavirus spreading.

The WHO/OMS has to apologize publicly to the entire world... because they even criticized the United States of America and Russia when they canceled flights from China on February 3, 2020... and only 41 days after January 30, 2020 they did declare a Global Pandemic for COVID-19... then recommending to cancel flights from/to the coronavirus hot zones.

The WHO/OMS are responsible for the actual disgrace in Europe and the USA... because they forgot that first is the Human Life and only after comes the Economy, that is, THERE IS NO ECONOMY WITHOUT PEOPLE.

ATTENTION! The Wuhan Virus (new coronavirus) problem is much more serious than it seems - January 30, 2020

The WHO (World Health Organization, or OMS) declared the state of Global Public Health Emergency for the Wuhan Virus on January 30, 2020.

But, after analyzing the existing statistical data, we came to a frightening conclusion...

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, best known for chicken flu between 2002 and 2003) took 150 days to infect 3000 people. Less than 800 died and less than 8000 were infected. SARS had a mortality rate of around 10%. And for about 8,000 patients, hospitals and medical personnel were sufficient to control the SARS outbreak.

But the Big Problem is that the Wuhan Virus (new coronavirus) that started to be followed from December 31, 2019: has a much higher speed of propagation, being more than 12 times higher than that of SARS.

The Wuhan Virus has already infected more than 10,000 (ten thousand) people worldwide in 30 days, from December 31, 2019 to January 30, 2020.

Although the mortality rate of the Wuhan Virus is less than 3%, the speed of spread is more than 12 times that of SARS.

Conclusion: many thousands of people worldwide will die if they do not immediately cancel all the circulation of civilian people between cities and countries throughout the world... only medical and specialized personnel should be allowed to circulate until this Wuhan Virus Epidemic Outbreak can be dominated.

If the WHO does not immediately stop the free movement of people between countries and cities... the number of Hospitals and medical personnel on Planet Earth will not be enough to treat all the existing infected!

And people will die for lack of simple medical care and for lack of basic medicines...

Therefore, until WHO/OMS declares a return to normality, we should, whenever possible, avoid traveling and contacting large gatherings of people. And as soon as a case of infection with the Wuhan Virus (new coronavirus) is discovered in a country: we must ALL wear masks and gloves whenever we have to go to public places.

Portugal, January 30, 2020

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