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Hell Driving in Cairo, I did the craziest Taxi drive riding possible, I am lucky to be alive

* by Fitini Zini, 2006 in Egypt

Between 2005 and 2006 I made an European Commission mission for to the Government of Egypt, I had the opportunity to see that driving in Cairo is amazing, I would say more ... Worse than Hell… INFERNAL !!

I personally know other chaotic traffic, such as in Bangkok, where I amuse myself doing brave scavenger hunts in those gigantic highways with six lanes on each side. But Cairo is the acme of modern motoring:

- No one stops at red lights, it is subject to take blow of motorists going back;

- No one has insurance, hits, hits and runs are the holy-daily-bread: "Sorry and Allah will fix you the car or the body ...";

- No one lets the ambulances to passe through, people is dying injured by the delays of the traffic;

- In a road of two lanes, there are always three rows of cars and in three lanes, five or six rows;

- The solid lines painted in the pavement serve as guides for the cars of the middle row;

- Accidents happen as like "Russian Roulette", no one stops, nobody cares;

- Leave pass someone on a treadmill? Never ... BANZAAAI ...

So my friends, driving in Cairo is the worst video games, nor even imagination gets there.

And so, for the disbelievers, I filmed in 2006 a trip in the Taxi of my friend BATRY with hallucinating overtaking at more than 140 kilometers per hour at top bridges, on continuous line literally sandwiched between the two SOLE possible lanes.

This I pure Infernal driving... I did it and I am truly lucky that I am still alive.

Cairo EGIPTO, 2006

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