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The Kings on Nothing

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By Fitini Zini, 2006 em Madagáscar *

June of 2006, somewhere in the African Continent, the cold of the winter is already taking over this gigantic island where the Diamonds, the Rubies, the Sapphires and the Emeralds had decided to kiss the sky.

I am in another of the many missions that I have made during my life. Such as an old navigator, I have covered the four corners of this Planet: at the service of the European commission, governments, multinationals... In this in case, it is for a German company with the objective to save a state-owned company from bankruptcy. The organizational and information systems re-engineering is a major priority – and that is my role - thus, we will try to take to good port this institution with almost ten thousand workers.

In the continent where the biggest wealth of the planet sprout (gold, diamonds...) every day, die of hunger sad children that look at us just hoping to have our simple smile in return…

And, how those eyes shine, when a smile sprouts out of their faces.

It is, therefore, here that the sadness invades my Soul.

In May of 2003, during of a mission to the National bank of the Ethiopia, in a certain Saturday morning we went to see the plateaus over Adis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia...

When seeing so many deficient and rickety children, so many shady and sad faces... I blew up in tears at the behind seat of the car. The conductor did not perceive, nor did I explain. I had nothing to say and, during half an hour I cried convulsively without being able to control myself.

The respect for the dignity of each one, took me to ask their authorization for me to take these photos, thus, to each one of these children I was giving the money that had inside my pockets.

This is a soccer field where the guys underneath always lose. They had placed the beacons in a hillside; happily at the interval they change of field side... thus balance, a little, the result. But, the joy of each one (already with a coin of mine in the pocket) is visible in this photo:

Yesterday, 1st of June of 2006, already in a francophone Country and well much richer than Ethiopia, one more time I was without knowing what to do. I had to visit a municipal market and the shock was tremendous.

Where dogs were rambling, looking for a bone in the remaining portions of the butchers at the soil… The children and the adults were searching in the same debris for the guts, the rests of skins, parts of bones, even horns, to take to their homes to feed the hunger.

I had my video camera, I could have filmed, it would have been a chocking video... but I was not capable to do it. Simply by respect… respect to the dignity of those that NOTHING HAVE.

How is it possible that in a so rich continent, where the greatest multinationals rip off and "steal" fabulous wealth and richness at the price of NOTHING and then… the contrast, the children - the true KINGS OF NOTHING - die of hunger??...

There are no more doubts... What Excrement our Civilization is!

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2/June/2006

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