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Theory of Multi-Dimensional Scalable Worlds

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By Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA in Theory of Multi-Dimensional Scalable Worlds *

"When will Man be ready to accept that our Time is not the Time of the Universe?"

Principle I – The Anti-Utopia Principle:

The Human Kind is not the Center of the Universe. Humans are not the superior specie above Nature and neither of all the other species. We have no rights to compromise the evolution of Nature neither of the other species. And neither must we consider that the Time-Space relative referential of the Human Kind is the absolute Time-Space referential of the Entire Universe.

Principle II – Empiric – Space Entity and World Scale relationship:

In the Universe each Space Entity (constellation, star, planet, animal, vegetable, micro organism, molecule, …) belongs to its own WORLD SCALE that shares two major dimensions the LIFE SCALE (Life Time Scale) and the SPACE SCALE (Size Scale) of the Entity.

Principle III – Empiric – The fulfillment principle:

Each particular Space Entity, in its SPACE SCALE (Size Scale), has everything needed to fulfill its life. And its respective LIFE SCALE (Life Time Scale) gives him enough time, also, to complete its life cycle with success.

Principle IV – Empiric – World Scales existence:

According to our human kind World Scale there is an undetermined number of Smaller World Scales below us – microorganisms, molecules, atoms, … – and another undetermined number of Larger World Scales above us – planets, stars, constellations, ....

Principle V – Empiric – Time and Space Relationship:

The Life Scale is directly proportional to the Space Scale. Smaller the Space Scale of an Entity is, smaller the respective Life Scale of that Entity will be.

Nature clearly shows that there is a relationship between Life Scales and Space Scales – the empiric observation demonstrates that the absolute life time of a planet is much longer than of a human as a species. And the absolute life time of a human is much longer than of a butterfly – so, there is an evident empiric relationship between Time and Space that we humans never saw and took into scientific consideration.

Example of an empiric formula that can be applied to mammals:

Life_Scale = K x Space_Scale
( K ~ 30 years/meters for mammals )

Principle VI – Zoom In and Zoom Out Time Acceleration existence:

Because Time runs faster in smaller World Scales and slower in larger World Scales – it is proved by Empiric Scientific evidence – we can state that: TIME ACCELERATION is not 0, Time Acceleration Exists! TIME differs from World Scale to World Scale:

• TIME ACCELERATION > 0 if moving in, Zoom In, to small World Scales;
• TIME ACCELERATION < 0 if moving out, Zoom Out, to large World Scales;
• TIME ACCELERATION = 0, only when we’re stabilized in one World Scale.

Example: A human eye cannot observe in detail the dancing movements of a small paradise bird, but the female partner of the bird… can! This means that the animals belonging to a smaller World Scale are adapted by nature to their respective specific referential - where time runs faster and spaces are smaller – with smaller Life Scales and Space Scales.

Principle VII – Empiric – we are part of much Larger and Slower World Scales:

Our human kind World Scale is simply a part of other Entities Life Cycles belonging to much larger World Scales – the Planet Earth, the Solar System, … – where time runs much, much slower, letting us confused about the real purpose of their life cycles. But, their life cycle objectives are no different from ours, they must transport the energy and matter received from larger World Scales into their, within, smaller World Scales, so they also born, multiply and die.

Principle VIII – the velocity of light (C) is not a constant across World Scales:

The velocity of light (C) is not a constant; it is different from WORLD SCALE to WORLD SCALE.

By applying the theory that Time runs faster ( TIME ACCELERATION > 0 ) when moving in, Zoom In, to smaller WORLD SCALES; or that Time runs slower ( TIME ACCELERATION < 0 ) when moving out, Zoom Out, to larger WORLD SCALES: the velocity of the light created in a much larger WORLD SCALE time referential will be much different from the speed of that light when measured in a smaller WORLD SCALE time referential.

In fact the Light of the Star Sun is considered, in our human kind WORLD SCALE, as traveling at around 300 000 Km/s (~ 299 792 458 m/s) but that same Light Speed will be much faster if measured in a much larger World Scale time referential, like the Star Sun for example, and it will be much slower if measured in smaller World Scales, like the ones of the insects, for example, where time runs much faster because they only have a few Hearth days of life time.

In our Human World Scale we measure the macrocosmic distances using the unit: Light Years, but the Zoom In and the Zoom Out Time Acceleration Principle proves that, relatively, the Light will travel much faster in larger World Scales and slower in smaller world Scales. So, this take us to a curious conclusion that our calculations of the cosmic distances may not be correct, just because we are considering that the speed of light created by a source in a much larger WORLD SCALE is also 300 000 Km/s, exactly the same velocity determined by us in our very small human kind WORLD SCALE.

Cosmic distances are much different from what we have been calculating and the concept that the universe is finite only exists in our human dimension WORLD SCALE, if we transpose to multi-dimensional Worlds, the Multi-dimensional Universe is, probably, infinite at our WORLD SCALE perception.

Principle IX – the scientific Congruence principle:

All Physical Science theories – Einstein Relativity Theory, Cosmic Physics, Classical Newton Physics, Particles Physics, Quantum Physics, … – face incongruence when trying to explain WORLD SCALES different than the one where they were originally created just because, basically, they all consider that the Absolute Time of the Universe is the TIME of the Relative Referential WORLD SCALE (TIME SCALE and SPACE SCALE) of the human kind on Earth.

In fact, the rational liaison between all the known Physical Science Theories is precisely to consider that TIME ACCELERATION is not 0, this means that TIME runs faster in small WORLD SCALES and slower in large WORLD SCALES, just because there is a clear relation between the Time Scale and the Space Scale that nature show us as clear evidence and that we never saw and took, in consideration.

So, all present Physical Science Theories could be applied in the different SPACE SCALES if adjusted with the fact that TIME ACCELERATION > 0 when Zooming In, moving in to smaller WORLD SCALES and TIME ACCELERATION < 0 when Zooming Out, moving out to larger WORLD SCALES.

Principle X – Empiric – Imaginary Multidimensional Worlds existence:

In Euclid’s geometry, if we consider ourselves a point in a plan, we only can observe just a line: this means that if we are a point in a two dimensions world, we only can percept one dimension.

The same rule can be extrapolated to understand that if we are an Entity in a four dimensions World Scale (X, Y, Z, and Time) there is, at least, another extra dimension that we cannot see or understand its existence because it is not possible to percept it from the World Scale where we are in. Only using the imaginary complex number i=(-1) ½ it is possible to mathematically define that imaginary dimension from the World Scale where we do belong.

This takes us to the conclusion that multidimensional Worlds DO exist and we are part of Multidimensional Worlds with, at least, an extra dimension that we cannot observe or understand, because they are imaginary to us: i=(-1) ½.

Principle XI – Empiric – The Extra Imaginary Dimension existence principle:

Why our Planet Earth has to change its rotation routines? Why there are Gravitational Forces that should approach the macrocosms but, instead, the cosmos is splitting itself? How can we justify scientific phenomena that we cannot understand? Obviously there is, at least, an extra imaginary dimension that we cannot percept or understand from our World Scale (X, Y, Z, and Time) that relates the different MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORLD SCALES above and below our Human Kind World Scale. And It is not the now called Black Matter, or the Black Energy, or the “Black Magic” that justify what we cannot see or understand.

We MUST accept the Extra Dimension Principle and introduce the imaginary dimensions i=(-1) ½ into the mathematical models to justify then the existence of Imaginary Matter (iM) and Imaginary Energy (iE) to better understand the cosmic models of the Universe.

Principle XII – Dimensional Transposition:

Einstein related the Time of a Relative Referential (t’) with the Time of an Absolute Referential (t), through the velocity (V) of the relative referential regarding the absolute referential:

t’ = t . ( 1 – V2/C2 ) ½

c – Velocity of light and V could never be equal or larger than C

In fact, the velocity of a Relative Referential (V) can be much times superior to the velocity of light (C). What simply happens is that we just face a square root of a negative number in the formula, the complex imaginary i=(-1) ½

For example, if:

v=2.C => t’ = t . ( – 3 ) ½ <=> t’ = t . (–1 ) ½ . ( 3 ) ½ <=> t’ = t . i . ( 3 ) ½

This, logically, takes us to the conclusion that if V > C then we just transposed ourselves to a superior larger dimension WORLD SCALE that includes the previous one. In fact, we just, simply, added another imaginary (i) dimension to our previous relative referential. And that dimension it is only imaginary (i) from the perspective of our relative referential, because from the larger superior multidimensional WORLD SCALE… that dimension is, mathematically and physically, a real dimension.

Principle XIII – Empiric – Relative Intelligence and Relative Perspective:

Can we ask to a blind born human the reason why the sea is blue? If the Entity does not percept the atmosphere color dimension, because it was never a Real Dimension in its World Scale, it is not possible for him to observe that phenomenon. The Entity only can make that justification if he is capable of creating a mathematical model where the sky color dimension is introduced as an imaginary dimension i=(-1) ½.

So, we have to introduce two new concepts: the Relative Perspective and the Relative Intelligence.

RELATIVE PERSPECTIVE is the set of Real Dimensions that the Entity can percept from its World Scale.

RELATIVE INTELLIGENCE is the capability of the Entity to understand, to predict and to make use of phenomena happening inside its World Scale’s Relative Perspective. By this principle all entities are rational and intelligent in their respective Relative Perspective Referentials.

So, the Human Kind or any other Entity, only can justify the scientific phenomena that are totally functions of Dimensions that are Real (and not Imaginary) in the World Scale of that Entity. Unless the Entity is intelligent enough to extrapolate its relative perspective using imaginary dimensions, i=(-1) ½, in their mathematical models.

Principle XIV – Empiric – The gravitational feeding principle:

Gravitational forces do affect the Matter because it is necessary a force that drives the Matter from the larger World Scales into the smaller World Scales. For example, the interior of our Planet Earth – that we MUST consider a living Entity belonging to a much Larger World Scale than of the human kind – feeds itself from the matter that it is transported by the gravitational force from the surface directly into the interior of the Planet.

At the surface of the Planet there is an extraordinary activity supported by a star – the Sun in our Solar System – that provides the outside energy to catalyze the basic chemical reactions that sustain and chains, in a continuous form, the biological activity at the surface of the Planet to accumulate and to transform the matter that will feed the interior of the Planet.

In fact, the fundamental Cosmic Life Cycle Objective of a living Entity, like us human kind, basically, it is to sustain that Matter transportation from larger world scales into smaller world scales and, consequently, to feed the interior of the Living Planet Earth.

A clear evidence of this principle is that the Planet Earth does not seem to have changed drastically its diameter over the time, but we all know that our past and history is deeply under the surface, of our Planet. So, if we really want to go back and understand our past, deeper we have to dig in the matter sedimented in layers below our feet.

Principle XV – Empiric – The Flat Poles principle:

Besides the fact that the centrifuge forces are stronger at the equator than at the poles, the previous principle also justifies the reason why the diameter of the Planet Earth from pole to pole is smaller than of the diameter at the equator level. The fact is that the Solar energy is much weaker in the North and South poles when compared with the intensity of the Sun at equator level, as a consequence, at the poles, the vegetation and biological activity is less intense than at the equator. So, the accumulation of sedimentation is also lesser than at the equator level. This is the major reason why the Planet Earth, time to time, is obliged to change its rotation, precisely to compensate the “boldness” created at the poles and just to keep the Planet as spherical as possible.

Lisbon, 10/March/2006

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