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Wake-up My Friend, one day... Life is Over...

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* by Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA

Wake-up My Friend, one day... Life is Over...

Life ends, one day, in a second of any minute, unknown. You feel it when half your Time has passed, or two-thirds, or five sixths... or, sadly, the twinkle in your eyes, goes by...

You still have so many duties to fulfill, favors to exchange, dreams to make, apologizes to ask, affection to have, love to give...

Do not let you go with regrets: why didn't you do, why didn't you give, why didn't you love, why didn't you forgive...

The time that once you reined as infinite, is no longer yours, that feeling, tear your eyes...

So... do not keep for tomorrow what you can, you should and you MUST do Today!

Make a list with your Problems and another list with your Dreams. Remember that you will not accomplish your Dreams, without first solving the Problems.

Sort the problems, from the most important to the least. Divide each problem sequentially in smaller activities. If necessary, divide still some of these activities in smaller tasks that you can realize... and then... start by performing these tasks and activities one by one, until all are completed.

And here I leave you the Secret of Happiness: it's in the fleeting moment, when a solved Problem, turns into a Dream come true... and the shrewd desire of being happy, makes you go on dreaming, to solve new problems... until the Day, you will never Be.

Wake-up My Friend, one day... Life is Over...

Dec/2012 – Caracas, Venezuela

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