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Buy MY telephone caaaards...
(Compre Mis Tarjetas Telefóóónicas...)

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* por Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA

" Buy my telephone caaaards... (Compre Mis Tarjetas Telefóóónicas...)"

One Saturday a morning of July in Venezuela, at the entrance of Chacaito Metropolitan station in Sabana Grande, sitting on a stool, a blind lady shouted: Telephone Caaards... (Tarjetas Telefóóónicas...)

I went through it, like all other passers-by and I thought, yes, really "telephone cards" or charging for telephone cards, is what more you use here should be a good deal. For mobile phones are loaded by entering the number you have on the phone and making a call to load the amount.

But interestingly no one stopped to buy her anything. Really, that empty phrase intentions, simply announcing an object for the Aware of passers-by, was not objectively sufficient for the success of your small business selling phone cards ...

The Aware of passers-by, is active for many things, but above all to perform the routines and psychological programs that each of us will running during the day.

We prioritize our needs and because of this we began to perform psychological programs necessary to meet them, as the day goes by.

In normal situations, the only way to interrupt the daily routine established by our conscious is through programming implementation at our sub-conscious. That is, when we are hungry or thirsty or biological needs the Sub-Conscious is imposed, forcing the "stop" Conscious routine, almost taking control of our will until that your need is satisfied. Who can do something like thing when we want to go to the bathroom? Because…

Therefore, this simply advertising ADVERTISE an object, a product or a service, usually only works when the person is in a state-of-need and already takes into running the program Psicológico to buy exactly that product or service, but a site already preset by the buyer. And, of course of course, the probability of this "State Need" is able to meet in a geographical point of different planet than usual, forcing the buyer to change the routine and buy another different location is very, VERY tiny ...

All this to say that subliminal advertising or Sub-Aware only works when given a complete and coherent order to the prospective buyer. And the Sub-Conscious only understands commands complete, concise and well structured.

As our routine Aware normally can only be stopped by command psychological programs come directly from our sub-conscious. It must be the Sub-Conscious to assimilate this order (advertising) coming from abroad and re-run it, imposing and interrupting the routine and conscious programming.

So that Saturday morning, I'm back ... I came back and, very gently, spoke to the blind lady, who asked if he could give advice.

After she said yes, I advised him not to say simply "Telephone cards (Tarjetas Telefónicas)" but to say:

- "Buy MY TELEPHONE CARDS... (Buy Mis Tarjetas Telefónicas...)"

She smiled and said, "Gracias Senor.".

Every day I see four times this blind lady who never see me. I missed a week and yesterday I went to see her again and, after asking him how would the business, she told me:

- "Gracias Señor, I sold this bad week than todo el mes de Junio Muchas gracias señor ....".

As with almost everything in life, if not communicate or say what we want, who will guess our problems, our desires and our dreams? ...

Jul/2013 – Caracas, Venezuela

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(*) Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA, Post-graduated in European Studies by the European Studies Institute, Master in Public and Business Administration and Bachelor in Engineering, he is an International Expert Consultant in Business Architecture and information Systems, Business Manager, Teacher, Trainer, Conference Speaker, Writer, Director of the Fitini.NET ConsultinG, he can be contacted by e-mail: fitini@fitini.net. Visit: Fitini.NET ConsultinG

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